What our customers, suppliers and volunteers say about the shop


I'm Roger Miles, one of the volunteers that run this unique vinyl record shop - it is funded by, linked to and located next to the old Olympic Studios in Barnes, West Londo, UK.
4 years ago, I became the unofficial archivist to the studios and, two years later, to activate the archive and to give people access to the musical history, we opened a small but perfectly formed record shop - we help local people sell their record collections and reinvest any money made into building the archive - we currently have 825 of the 1000 albums recorded and/or mixed ,wholly or partly ,at the studios between 1966-2009 - more details on our archive section of this website.
But the main purpose of the shop, is to connect and reconnect people to vinyl records - and to do so in a very social and accesible to all environment.
I am an artist specialising in creating immersive installations - I think this is my best yet.
It's a memory jukebox, with a unique link to one of the great British recording studios.
It's run by amazingly knowledgeable and helpful volunteers.
It's somewhere you have to visit - when we return to some form of normality.
In the meantime. visit our website and we'll keep you informed of any developments.
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studio5bookarts :

I am lucky, everyday I pass Olympic Records on my way to work. The window changes at least once a day, records and artists both familiar and new create a display that never fails to please the eye and soul. Though the shop is small, the collection is robust and diverse, ever being added to. The theme centering on the prolific output of the now closed Olympic Recording Studio in Barnes, SW London. Great staff with a wealth of knowledge that they are willing to share.


louisemm :

Olympic Studios Records is a true treasure trove for music lovers and record boffins. There's an impressive collection of records of all styles - prog rock, pop, jazz, folk - from the 60s onwards, maybe even before. You could probably find anything you were after, and more. Friendly, sociable atmosphere as well as highly knowledgeable staff. To quote Chet Baker - Let's Get Lost .... in its aisles!


gilesfraser :

I was so delighted when Roger opened Olympic Studios Records in Barnes. As a record collector of a certain age I used to love buying vinyl albums on Amazon but always felt very guilty that I was giving my custom to a faceless behemoth rather than a local supplier. Also I really wanted to make up for the fact that I spent so many hours in Track'n'Groove in Dorking as a teenager never buying anything and then watching it go bust. When Olympic Studios Records came along I knew that I had to commit! I have been visiting the shop pretty much every Saturday since it opened and have tried to buy one LP every weekend. Roger and the team are very friendly and knowledgable and have a great selection of vinyl especially 70's rock. They even welcome our dog Topper. They deserve to keep going and thrive. If you like buying albums you should visit. If you don't you should buy a turntable and start right away at Roger's shop.


johnhuggins :

I volunteer at Olympic Studios Records.
It’s a great place to work and I help out as often as I can.
I am also a genuine customer browsing, shopping there regularly and would do so regardless of my involvement.
The small shop has a fantastically retro look and feel to it and it’s pre-owned pre-loved vinyl reflects it’s 70’s vibe whilst having other memorabilia, period pieces and art work on display, for sale.
It’s well worth a visit for those looking for quality, classic and those more rare albums.

kimsey999 :

Awesome destination record shop!
I love Olympic Studios Records ("OSR") this unique and old school record store which has a secret basement with great carpets once belonging to Charlie Watts ! and the smell of vinyl records, WOW!!!!

They have a great selection of incredible top quality used and new vinyl, and even have a selection of 7-inches.

With the vinyl craze going on, I'm sure its hard to keep used inventories up. Along with the black stuff Roger has clothes, books, art, collectibles, turntables, posters, memorabilia and other merchandise for sale. Easy to spend all day searching through the vinyl, so all you vinyl junkies need to get down there and make some purchases to keep this place hot!

Roger has such an inclusive and expansive collection of vinyl and offers in depth knowledge. His team of volunteers are vinyl angels.
It was amazing to flip through the records and see so many artists, friends that I grew up listening to and worked with!
It’s an impressive collection in vinyl catalog of records that were recorded in Olympic Sound Studios 1966 - 2009, this is the ONLY place that I can see my life and career at Olympic Studios and then buy the music!
So stop in and find out what’s going on. You’ll probably bump into someone you know, or someone you’d want to.

Chris Kimsey Olympic Studios Producer 1967 - ……..Kristi Kimsey ….. and never forgetting Keith Grant who built Olympic Sound Studios.


Radioshack101 :

Olympic Studios Records is a wonderful Jewel right in the very heart of Barnes, Roger & his team have done a marvellous job in creating a time capsule of all things Olympic, apart from the wonderful selection of vinyl, they also have numerous items of merchandise & memorabilia for sale, I've spent hours browsing & talking all things Olympic to the team, however my wife isn't so happy as I've left her sitting outside on the bench on far too many occasions, where does the time go?

The shop is located opposite Olympic Studios Cinema, the owners have kept it's musical heritage alive (thankfully), apart from the record shop, music films in the cinema & the recording studio currently being installed, they also have live music sessions every month run by Olympic Studios legend Chris Kimsey & his wife Kristi, I have had many intimate nights in the company of truly gifted musicians...

I cannot recommend the Olympic Studios experience highly enough...


debbie2 :

My husband found Olympic Records on a visit to Barnes. What a find it has been.
I had a great collection of vinyl from the 80's but was no longer playing, only storing, them. Going to Roger at Olympic was a great because he gave me total confidence that they would get the best price for my records.
I look forward to getting an email from Roger every month listing any sales.
I am also glad that my records are going to collectors who will look after and appreciate them


liz_croft :

Great addition to the thriving Barnes scene. Love the Studios - love the cafe - love the shop. Was my first choice when looking to sell my collection from the 60s and 70s due to downsizing. Posting LPs was just too daunting a prospect. Welcoming and friendly people. Good to know that the records are going to people who will cherish them and that the proceeds go towards maintaining our cultural heritage. Excellent work!

SimonDerrick :

Have bought some amazing stuff of Roger over the past few years. Early pressings of Dixie Chicken, Catch A Fire (with the Zippo lighter cover!) & Some Girls just a few of the standouts that been listening to during lockdown. Lots of things to covet in there (including the carpet downstairs!).


Mother stamper :

A well curated gem of a record shop.
Great selection of new vinyl, carefully selected classic and collectable records on offer. There are always new rarities coming into the shop along with other music related goodies!
Recommended as a place to check out.....once normality returns.


alampre :

One of London's true gems. Every visit is an experience, and it's always a true pleasure to speak with such a knowledgable, and enthusiastic music expert as the shop's welcoming proprietor, Roger. It's one of my favourite places to visit anywhere, and I'd recommend it as an essential destination for any vinyl lover.



An absolute treasure in the heart of Barnes
Very knowledgeable helpful and friendly
A great place to visit if you love vinyl


Alex :

Huge fan of this store. They have been great at helping me sell off some vinyl I didn’t want anymore - some of which I didn’t know its true value. The money I get from sales rarely leaves the store as I tend to get something new for the collection. Always open to feedback and suggestions about records to stock, my teenage daughter was pleased to see Billie Eilish’s LP in the window. Now she comes in with me and is no longer dragged. If she doesn’t take the hints for my birthday, Roger and his team will always help steer her. I defy anyone with the slightest interest of music to not love this store and end up buying something. I’ve even got some art from here. Looking forward to the store reopening!

Juneymoony :

Roger and the team at Olympic Studios Records are fantastic. They have been selling some of my records and the transactions have always been professional, friendly and honest. Rarely nowadays, do I come across such a personable experience that makes me want to share with others.

I highly recommend a visit to the store, it is a complete treasure trove of all-sorts from collectable antiques to records, they even feature a carpet from Charlie Watts (Rolling Stone drummer). I am already planning my next visit.

Perrycros :
Since making the painful decision to sell my much-loved record collection, as part of our downsizing move to Barnes, Roger has actually succeeded in making the parting of the ways a pleasurable experience! As well as finding new homes for the likes of Free, the Stones and the Who, he has tracked down buyers for more obscure albums by Aardvark, Alexis Korner, and the original Nirvana (1960's British band - look it up!). And we won't even mention "Odyssey and Oracle" by the Zombies! Most of all though, I've enjoyed just popping in to the OSR and chatting with a kindred spirit about all things musical. I strongly recommend a visit.